Freshly Baked Bread (V) £1.25
Warmed sourdough bread served with balsamic vinegar & olive oil


Chicken Liver Pate (G*) £6
Chicken Livers, cooked with orange and candied cranberry, served with warm sourdough and a spiced fruit chutney

Homemade Soup of the Day (G*) £5
A freshly prepared soup served piping hot, with freshly baked bread

Blanche Bait £6
Whitebait in a crispy breaded coating, deep fried and served with Marie Rose sauce and fresh lemon

Mushrooms on Toast (G*) (V) £6
Mushrooms, shallots and garlic pan fried with truffle oil and fresh double cream served on toasted sourdough and topped with parmesan cheese

Deep Fried Camembert (V) £6
2 crispy coated baby camembert, served with a plum apple and date chutney

Amuse Bouche (G*) £6
Mixed olives, pickled garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, Chorizo sausage, Feta cheese and fresh bread served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

(G*) Gluten free alternative bread is available upon request, subject to availability 


Beef & Bacon Lasagne £10.99
Layers of pasta and our homemade Bolognaise sauce with smoked bacon topped with a cheese sauce, served with fresh salad and garlic bread

Malay Chicken Curry £13.99
Corn fed chicken cooked in a Malayan curry sauce with butternut squash and coconut milk, served with pilau rice and a garlic & coriander Naan
(G) except for the Naan bread

Steak and Ale Pie £10.99
Tender pieces of beef cooked in a rich ale gravy encased in shortcrust pastry, served with homemade chips and fresh vegetables

New York Chicken £12.00 (G)
Tender chicken breast wrapped in bacon and smothered with smoky barbeque sauce, served with homemade chips and fresh salad

Chicken and Bacon Melt £12.99 (G)
Tender chicken breast, smoked bacon pieces smothered with Stilton sauce and baked. Served with homemade chips and salad

Short Rib of Beef (G) £14.99
Tender short rib of beef slow cooked on the bone and served in a tangy barbeque sauce, with homemade coleslaw, double cooked garlic chips and salad

Chicken Burger £10.99
A chicken fillet in a crispy coating served in a brioche roll with lettuce and sliced tomato served with homemade chips


Jumbo Fish ‘n’ Chips £10.99
An 8-10 oz boneless haddock fillet dipped in our own beer batter, served with homemade chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce

Malay Prawn Curry £14.99
Black tiger prawns cooked in a Malayan curry sauce with butternut squash and coconut milk served with sticky rice and a garlic & coriander Naan
(G) except for the Naan bread

Baked Sea Bass (G) £13.99
Sea bass fillet baked with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, anchovies and potatoes

Breaded Wholetail Scampi £12.99
Wholetail breaded scampi, deep fried with homemade chips, garden peas, tartar sauce and fresh lemon

Harissa Spiced Salmon (G) £13.99
Salmon fillet marinated in Harissa spices served with a warm chickpea salad

Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes £12.00
Smoked haddock, leek and mature cheddar fish cakes served with a crisp seasonal salad and a sweet chilli sauce


Minted Lamb Chops (G) £14.00
3 chargrilled mint marinated lamb chops, served with homemade chips, and a fresh salad

Oliver Burger £10.99
An 6oz chargrilled steak burger served in a rustic brioche bun with little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes, topped with Monterey Jack cheese

Fagin Burger £11.99
Topped with smokey streaky bacon, barbeque sauce and Monterey Jack cheese served in a rustic brioche bun with little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes

The Artful Dodger £11.99
A 6oz burger served in a rustic brioche bun with sliced mushrooms and creamy Stilton cheese, little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes

8oz Fillet £22.00
The most prized cut of beef for many, the fillet is extremely tender

8-10oz Sirloin £18.00
Cut from the boned loin, the tender sirloin has a fine grain and an exterior of fat along one side

10oz Rump £15.00
Rump steaks are a lean cut with little fat, which can make it a little less tender than sirloin

10oz Ribeye £19.00
Considered one of the tastiest and most elegantly flavoured of steaks

10oz Gammon Steak £13.99
Chargrilled and topped with a choice of 2 fried hen’s eggs or pineapple

All our Steaks are from traditionally farmed cattle and are dry aged
Chargrilled to your liking and served with homemade chips, garden peas, grilled tomato, mushrooms and beer battered onion rings
(G) All Steaks are Gluten Free with the exception of the Onion Rings.


Add a sauce for just £2.99

Stilton, Peppercorn, Red Wine or Diane


Penne Pasta (V) £10.99
Penne pasta tossed in a fresh tomato and basil sauce with vodka, shallots, garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with grated Parmesan

Veg & Stilton Hot Pot (V)(G) £12.99
A selection of seasonal vegetables, creamy Stilton, topped with sliced potatoes, brushed with butter and baked in the oven. Served with a fresh salad

Veggie Burger (V) £10.99
Puy lentils and grated carrot with spring onions seasoned with tomato puree and garlic, in a rustic brioche roll
with little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes served with homemade chips

Malayan Tomato and Spinach Curry (V) £12.99
Fresh Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach cooked in a Malayan Curry Sauce with Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk, served with Pilau Rice and a Garlic & Coriander Garlic Naan
(G) except for the Naan bread


Most of our dishes are homemade and where possible we always try to use local ingredients and/or suppliers.

Please discuss with our staff if you have any food allergies or intolerances so our chefs can cater for your specific needs.




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