Freshly Baked Bread (V) £1.25
Warmed homemade bread served with balsamic vinegar & olive oil


Homemade Chicken Liver Pate (G*) £6
Chicken Livers, cooked with brandy, mixed herbs, and shallots, served with toast and a fig jam

Homemade Soup of the Day (G*) £5
A freshly prepared soup served piping hot, with freshly baked home-made bread

Mushrooms on Toast (G*) (V) £6
Mushrooms, shallots and garlic pan fried with truffle oil and fresh double cream served on toast and topped with parmesan cheese

Deep Fried Camembert (V) £6
2 crispy coated baby camembert, served with a plum apple and date chutney

Ham Hock Scotch Egg £7
A free range egg wrapped up with ham hock, a panko crumb deep fried and served with a blue cheese dressing

(G*) Gluten free alternative bread is available upon request, subject to availability 


Malayan Curry (Chicken, Prawn, Vegetarian) £13.99
Corn fed chicken cooked in a Malayan curry sauce with butternut squash and coconut milk, served with pilau rice and garlic & coriander naan

Steak and Ale Pie £11.99
Tender pieces of beef cooked in a rich ale gravy encased in shortcrust pastry served with homemade chips and fresh vegetables

Homemade Fishcakes £12 
2 fishcakes coated with a panko crumb pan-fried with a crisp salad and sweet chilli sauce

Beef Daube £14 
A beef daube braised in beer topped with crispy onions served with ratatouille and creamy mashed potatoes

Jumbo Fish ‘n’ Chips £11.99
An 8-10 oz boneless cod fillet dipped in our own beer batter, served with homemade chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce

Ballotine of Lamb £14.00
Lamb shoulder slowly cooked and rolled into a ballotine, served with mashed potatoes, braised red cabbage, and a minted lamb gravy

Cornfed Chicken £14

Pan-fried chicken breast with a leek and mushroom cream sauce served on a bed of mixed greens

Black Bean Burger (V) £10.99

Black beans, beetroot and portobello mushroom, in a Brioche Roll with Little Gem Lettuce, sliced Tomatoes and Homemade Chips


Chef’s Penne Pasta £11.99 
Cooked with fresh garlic, prosciutto ham, mushrooms, jalapeno, olive oil and fresh herbs

Beef & Bacon Lasagne £11.99 
Layers of pasta and our homemade bolognese sauce with smoked bacon topped with a cheese sauce served with fresh salad and garlic bread

Penne Pasta (V) £10.99
Penne pasta tossed in a fresh tomato and basil sauce with Vodka, shallots, garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with grated parmesan

Chorizo Spaghetti £11.99
Spicy Spanish sausage pan-fried with onions, garlic and smoked paprika in a tomato sauce topped with parmesan cheese


Oliver Burger £10.99
A 6oz chargrilled steak burger served in a brioche roll with little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes, topped with Monterey Jack cheese

8oz Fillet £24.00
The most prized cut of beef for many, the fillet is extremely tender

10oz Rump £15.00
Rump steaks are a lean cut with little fat

10oz Ribeye £18.00
From the eye of the forerib, this is a tasty tender steak marbled with fat

All our Steaks are from traditionally farmed cattle and are dry-aged with Himalayan rock salt giving our steaks a distinctive beef flavour and aroma.
Chargrilled to your liking and served with homemade chips, garden peas, grilled tomato, mushrooms and beer-battered onion rings
(G) All Steaks are Gluten Free with the exception of the Onion Rings.


Add a sauce for just £2.99

Stilton, Peppercorn, Red Wine or Diane


Homemade 12″ Pizzas  £10.99

Margarita (V) £11.95
Our own light pizza base topped with a tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and fresh oregano

Add extra toppings £1.50 each
Prosciutto Ham, Pepperoni or Charred Chicken

Toppings 50p each
Sweetcorn, Pineapple, Mushroom or Jalapeno


Homemade Chips £2.95
Fresh Salad £2.95
Seasonal Vegetables £2.95
Braised Red Cabbage £2.95
Homemade Coleslaw £2.95
Mozzarella Sticks £3.99
Garlic Pizza Bread £2.99
Garlic Pizza Bread with Cheese £3.99
Onion Rings £2.99


Most of our dishes are homemade and where possible we always try to use local ingredients and/or suppliers.

Please discuss with our staff if you have any food allergies or intolerances so our chefs can cater for your specific needs.




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