Barbeque Pack

Pack contains 2 x 5oz dry-aged steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 x 4oz dry-aged Beef Burgers, 2 Chicken & chorizo skewer, 2 Lincolnshire sausages, a pot of Oliver Twist Slaw, pot of Oliver Twist Barbecue Sauce, 4 Seeded Burger Buns


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Barbeque pack – £20

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Pack contains

2 x 5oz dry aged steaks

2 x pork chops

2 x 4oz dry aged Beef Burgers

2 x Chicken & chorizo skewer

2 x Lincolnshire sausages

A pot of Oliver Twist Slaw

Pot of Oliver Twist Barbecue Sauce

4 Seeded Burger Buns

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