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Served 12-6pm on Sunday’s only.


Freshly Baked Bread (V) £1.25
Warmed homemade bread served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Homemade Soup of the Day (G*) £5
A freshly prepared soup served piping hot, with freshly baked bread

Homemade Chicken Liver Pate (G*) £6
Chicken livers cooked with brandy, mixed herbs and shallots, served with toasted homemade bread and a fig jam

Deep-Fried Camembert (V) £6 
2 crispy coated baby Camembert served with a homemade tomato and red onion chutney

Mushrooms on Toast (V)(G*) £6
Pan-fried mushrooms with shallots and garlic, fresh double cream. Served on toasted sourdough and topped with Parmesan cheese

Ham Hock Scotch Egg £7

A free-range egg wrapped up with ham hock, a panko crumb deep fried and served with a blue cheese dressing

(G*) A gluten free alternative is available upon request and subject to availability


All roasts are served with a Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, new potatoes, and seasonal vegetables

Dry Aged Beef £12.99
Prime 21-day dry-aged beef, rubbed with thyme and sea salt, oven-roasted, with Yorkshire pudding and gravy

Rare Breed Belly Pork £12.99
Slow roasted pork belly, crackling, sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and homemade gravy

Roast Chicken £12.99
Roasted chicken breast, sage and onion stuffing and homemade gravy

Roast Platter (2 people to share) £21.99
Generous slices of all 3 meats, with all the accompanying trimmings, served with homemade sage and onion stuffing,

Vegetable and Nut Roast (V) £12.00
Nut roast served with roast potatoes, roast parsnips and redcurrant and mint gravy

(G) All roasts are gluten-free with the exception of the Yorkshire pudding, gravy and the Sage & Onion stuffing

Add a side to your roast…

Braised Red Cabbage £2.95
Cauliflower Cheese £2.95
Honey Roasted Parsnips £2.95
Extra Roast Potatoes £2.95


Beef & Bacon Lasagne £11.99
Layers of pasta and our homemade Bolognaise sauce with smoked bacon topped with a cheese sauce, served with fresh salad and garlic bread

Ballotine of Lamb (G) £14.00
Locally sourced lamb slow-cooked, shredded and rolled, pan-roasted with roast potatoes, braised red cabbage with a redcurrant mint & red wine sauce

Malayan Curry (Chicken/Prawn/Vegetarian) £13.99
Corn fed chicken cooked in a Malay Curry sauce with butternut squash and coconut milk, served with pilau rice and garlic & coriander Naan,
(G) except for the Naan bread

Oliver Burger £10.99
A 6 oz chargrilled steak burger, little gem lettuce and sliced tomatoes topped with mature cheddar cheese, served in a toasted brioche bun with homemade chips

Penne Pasta (V) £10.99
Penne pasta tossed in a fresh tomato and basil sauce with vodka, shallots, garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with grated parmesan

Black Bean Burger (V) £10.99
Black beans, beetroot and Portabella mushrooms in a Brioche roll with Little Gem lettuce, sliced tomatoes and homemade chips

Homemade Fishcakes £12.00
2 fishcakes coated with a panko crumb pan-fried with a crisp salad and sweet chilli sauce

10 oz Rump Steak (G) £15.00
A 10 oz Dry aged rump steak chargrilled to your liking. Served with chips, and salad


Ham Roll £7.99
Sliced ham served in homemade bread, served with homemade chips and fresh salad

Mature Cheddar Cheese £7.99
Sliced cheddar cheese served in homemade bread, with homemade chips and fresh salad

Tuna Mayonnaise £7.99
Tuna bound in mayonnaise, served in homemade bread, with homemade chips and fresh salad

Roast Meats £7.99
A choice of meat, served in homemade bread, with roast potatoes and gravy

Homemade Chips £2.95
Fresh Salad £2.95
Seasonal Vegetables £2.95
Homemade Coleslaw £2.95
Mozzarella Sticks £3.99
Garlic Bread £2.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.99